Things To Know About Roof Solar Panels

Solar power is seeing a lot of consumerism due to it being a clean energy alternative. Not much information on solar panels from buying to Solar Hot water repairs is available due to its relative newness in the consumer market unlike purchasing other things. Though solar energy is gaining popularity, there are not many people who own a system which utilizes solar power. There are a few articles like these which are making people realize its usefulness. Due to its cost, it is essential that you know everything related to it as even a small mistake can be very costly. The price is on the decline, and the users are increasing, but there are many things to know before choosing roof solar panels.

Your roof: A critical aspect to the success of solar installation is the roof of your house. The position of your roof relative to the sun rays is detrimental to how much solar energy is generated. If your roof does not receive proper sunlight and is shaded for the most part of the day all around the year, then it will not be conducive to solar energy generation. One option you can look at if your roof is not supportive or if you live in a condo or an apartment then you can opt for community solar installation where many customers put their stakes in this solar unit and share the cost and the credit of electricity bills.
If your roof is receiving enough sunlight, then check if the structure is in excellent condition physically, as a solar installation can last as long as 25 years. In case it needs a repair, ensure you get it done before fitting the solar panels as you don’t want to remove the solar panels to fix the roof in case of damage to its structure later. Also, check with your house associations for any rules and regulations laid out against installing the solar system.

Types of solar systems: Two popular solar technologies are available in the market:
Photovoltaic: This technique uses a battery of cells to convert energy produced by sun’s rays into electric power. You should opt for this system so that this energy powers your entire home.
Thermal: This technology also uses sunlight to heat the air and or water which can be used for household water needs. This option is suited for homes which needs a lot of heating, or you live in a place where electricity is costly. The major drawback is that these systems are rare and hence finding a quality installer is difficult.

Mode of buying: Roof solar panels come in two options where you can lease them or buy them. Buying means upfront cost which pays you back in the long run, whereas renting it is cheaper initially, but you have to pay the leasing company a certain amount of money and may have to pay more when the lease has to renew. Ensure you compare the price you pay for both types before making a final decision.