Finding The Right Remote Car Starters For Your Car

With the advancement in the security and intelligence of a car, remote car starters have become the norm for many brands. For those that are older or do not have the required configuration for a starter, a number of external aftermarket kits are readily available from leading sellers. Kits like the viper 5706v provide not only remote starting but also have a car finding mode among other functionalities, making it one of the most popular models on and other car paraphernalia websites. These starter kits have a plethora of configurations to suit everyone from the person looking for the basic model to someone who wants all the bells and whistles.

Determining what you need for your car and what best fits your car can sometimes be a difficult process, especially with the bevy of different options. However, certain factors can make or break a good starter kit. For the most part, Viper starters come with a remote key fob, keyless entry, and an arming/disarming button. However, at the different price points, each remote starters begins to show its special features. For example, there are high-end models which can be programmed to open the sunroof and five other auxiliary functions that can be programmed in. Smaller details like an LCD screen instead of an LED screen and seat heating facilities are just some of the quirks higher end remote starter owners can enjoy.

The functionalities of remote starters can be broken down into the basic functions that are present throughout the product range and optional functions which are similar to add-ons for customised functions. Common features include having a wide communication range between the car and the remote starter which can range up to 1.5 km, and keyless entry. The car finder option allows you to find your car in, say, a parking lot. On the security side of the spectrum, remote arming and disarming of the alarms, unauthorized entry, tilt and ultrasonic sensors are just some features to keep your car safe.

Additionally, car owners may choose to experiment with more specialized features such as remote linking from your phone or computer, defrosting and opening doors, windows, the sunroof or trunk remotely. Music can also be turned off and on from outside the car. Another helpful feature is automatically rolling up the windows and locking the doors when the alarm is armed. Headlamps can also be programmed to turn on when the car is disarmed, and this can be doubly useful if you park regularly in a dark place. Higher end starters also provide additional ports for vehicle-specific customization.

These features and functions range from being made purely for convenience to those that add an extra level of safety to your car. In fact, features such as the anti-grinding function not only protect the starter from wearing out but also extends the life of your car. Each system is installed and fine-tuned to best suit each car and its owner to make operating it smoother, safer and more enjoyable.