This What You Should Do To Have Long Hair

The question how to grow hair faster is ever on the minds of people. A healthy mane that flows with the wind and falls back in place is like a holy grail. Thousands, if not millions, have tried to solve this ever-present query. This article will give you 3 recommendations on growing your hair, while this review will provide you care tips on long hair.

• The biggest mistake individuals make while growing out hair is to forego haircuts. Scissors are your friends if you want your hair to grow faster and healthier. With time, split ends appear on hair shafts which can hinder growth. Regular trims assure that the splits ends are cut off, and the hair keeps on growing in a straight line. Furthermore, the more split ends you have, the more the chances of breakage. Therefore, if you do not visit the parlor for trims regularly, your hair will keep on breaking and become shorter in the long run. The best option is to cut off about one eighth of an inch in every three months or less. This will take care of all the extreme split ends.

• Conditioning the hair is vital. The constant use of hair styling products and coloring results in very thin tips as the bottom part of the hair loses all its lipids and proteins. They become lifeless and therefore tend to break. As a result, your hair doesn’t seem to grow any longer. Conditioning, after shampooing, provides the necessary nutrients to the hair shafts. It keeps them healthier and hence, prevents breakage. Condition your hair to seal the cuticle and give them time to grow longer.

• Shampooing every day is a significant error. The myth that one needs to clean hair everyday or when taking a head bath is just that – a story. One should not shampoo every single time they wet their hair. Shampoo not only removes all product and dirt build-up from the scalp but also eliminates the essential oils and sebum the hair secretes to make it stronger. If you wash your hair daily, you are just removing the ‘good things’ the hair needs to grow.

• The last recommendation for the day is patience. Rome was built in a day. The human body is no different. To accomplish anything you need time. Thinking that hair will miraculously grow from a short bob cut to a length that touches the buttocks is foolhardy. The average growth of hair ranges from one fourth of an inch to half an inch every month. This speed is for entirely healthy hair that has no split ends. So, assume that most hair will grow even less in a month.
To sum it up: hair will not grow overnight, conditioning it is vital especially after shampooing, do not shampoo daily and get a trim once in 10 to 12 weeks. The steps may sound simple and like common sense but trust us, following them diligently will give you the best of results.